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Ghost 6

August 11, 2013

A few things you may not know about the Ghost 6:

Its build and purpose is similar to the Glycerin 11. Only difference is, the Ghost 6 has slightly less DNA gel. It is suitable for road running, and any kind of general running.

It is the lightest of all core shoes, weighing in at 10.7 oz only! The Glycerin 11 is 11.8 oz. Ravenna 4 comes in at a close second (10.8 oz), followed by Adrenaline GTS 13 (11.3 oz) and the Trance 12 (12.2 oz), and finally Beast (14.0 oz).

It is suitable for normal arch to high arch feet, with no overpronation. It is suitable for supinators as well.

Ghost 6 has won Runner World Editor’s Choice award 4 times in a row! That means Ghost 3 won it, and Ghost 4 as well, then Ghost 5, and now Ghost 6.

Ghost 6 comes at the same price as Ghost 5, at a retail price of RM459.


The build and purpose of the Ghost 6, and its ideal weight makes it the favourite shoe for runners. It is versatile enough for any kind of general running, offers you good cushioning and comfort, and it does not weigh you down at the same time. If you are looking for a shoe that is good for training and for racing as well, Ghost 6 comes right in the middle.

Run with a Ghost today!


Pure Drift is available now!

January 25, 2013

A lot of anticipation has been building up towards the launch of the Pure Drift.


With this, we are excited to announce that Pure Drift is now available!

If you need one final review to make up your mind, just click on the picture above.

The Pure Drift retails at RM399. Purchase online for a special discount, with free delivery within Peninsular Malaysia.

Pure Drift – so light, you may forget you’re wearing it

January 4, 2013

Another key feature of the Pure Drift is its weight – or rather, the lack of it. Pure Drift is the lightest shoe ever produced by Brooks! It is even lighter than the T7 Racer.

The debate of benefits between highly cushioned shoes and minimally crafted shoes cannot be settled within a lifetime. Usually, it boils down to what is a runner’s individual need. At other times, it comes down to a matter of running philosophy.

If you are a fan of barefoot running, then Pure Drift brings light weighted-ness to a whole new level. Brooks has taken the weight out of the shoe, and replaced it with thoughtful craftmanship. It is a high-performance shoe, optimized for the naturalist runner. The shoe is so light, you can feel your cadence improve with ease.

One Pure Drift reviewer couldn’t tell whether the shoe box actually has shoes in it!


To read more about his experience of un-boxing the Pure Drift, click on the picture above.

One tip for you. When you buy your Pure Drift from the outlet, check it first before you walk away. Just to make sure the shoes are in the box.

Finally, a minimalist shoe for wide feet!

December 31, 2012

A common problem with most racing shoes and minimalist shoes is, it doesn’t go well with wide feet. Lightweight shoes are usually made to be snug, so it hugs your foot in just all the right places. Good minimalist shoes do that, while connecting your run with the ground.

However, those with wide feet are left out of the experience. Is there a lightweight, minimalist shoe that can be enjoyed by runners with wide feet?

The Pure Drift has come up with an answer. It is an ultra light shoe, that wraps your foot snugly at the midfoot. And the best part is, it also gives you a very roomy toe box! No other minimalist shoes  are built like that.

Another reviewer of the Pure Drift highlights this feature, as well as a few other plus points.

Does the Pure Drift help if you choose to run in the dark? Does it really push you towards running midfoot style? Does it help you to develop the correct running muscles?


This reviewer certainly believes so. Click on the picture above to read his story.

Pure Drift – a foldable shoe?

December 30, 2012

Here is an out-of-the-box question. Do you think a Pure Drift shoe can fit into your handbag?

People keep all kinds of things in the handbag – some of the weirdest ones are sweaters, scissors and screwdrivers. So here’s a challenge. Have you ever tried to keep a shoe in your handbag?

The Pure Drift so flexible, you can feel your toes springing you forward in the push-off. Its foldable property demonstrates its flexibility. Step aside, folding bikes. Now we have folding shoes too!


Can this fit in your handbag?

How light is the Pure Drift? Ideal Heel, Toe Flex, Anatomical Last, Nav Band, Tuned Density Midsole, Biomogo DNA – which parts of the shoe show those technologies?

To get a closer look at Pure Drift’s technologies, click on the picture above.

Are you ready for the Pure Drift?

December 29, 2012

January 2013 is just around the corner. And so is the launch of the Pure Drift!

The Pure Drift has been tested by a few reviewers. We are very excited to share their findings with you.

It is the first shoe by Brooks that gives you an option to fully remove its sock liner, for a zero drop experience. Barefoot running fans will find this very appealing.

How different does it feel to run with the sock liner, and without the sock liner? One reviewer went the distance and tested it during the Malakoff Powerman. First running leg without the sock liner, and the last running leg with the sock liner. An acid test for his brand new Pure Drift, on race day itself!

Being a risk taker, he decided to put the Pure Drift to another test – the washing test.

Does the Pure Drift feel good with or without the sock liner? Does it really help you to change your running style? Does it survive if you – gulp – drop it into the washing machine?


To find out whether you’d like to be in their shoes, click on his photo above.