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Jim Weber speaks in CBS Money Watch

May 11, 2013

Jim Weber, the CEO of Brooks spoke to Rebecca Jarvis in CBS Money Watch recently.

Brooks was essentially bankrupt at one point of time. It was a failing business, with 4 CEOs in 2 years, and we were carrying all kinds of shoes ranging from basketball to court to family footwear. Brooks was once a traditional athletic footwear company, until we had a strong conviction to change. That conviction drove Brooks to play a different game – a game in which we could win.

The decision was made to move to running shoes. The new competitive strategy focused on technical performance footwear, which is something Brooks was good at. The company put in lots of research and development focus on developing running shoes. We built labs, hired engineers, and poured in investments in material research and biomechanical research. By selling function first, we are now into the “fit business”, not shoe business.

While most brands link themselves with superstar athletes for marketing purposes, Brooks partners with key athletes on how to improve the shoes, rather than on endorsement. Hence, you can notice the difference in approach, on how Brooks partners with athletes. We leverage on the input of key athletes from the ground up, to get better and better at product creation.

Berkshire Hathaway has bought over Brooks, and Warren Buffet has set up Brooks as a stand alone entity. Even Warren Buffet himself has caught the running bug! Nike has led the way in the 80s, Asics in the 90s, and Brooks has overtaken them last year. We are running very fast, and we hope you will too!

jim weber

Click on the picture above to watch the video. Jim Weber says it best.


How to decide between Brooks core shoes and Brooks Pure Project?

June 9, 2012

Here’s an answer, or non answer… it depends!

It’s like you wake up one morning, and you decide, “Western breakfast today, or chinese noodles?” Your choice of breakfast depends on what you’d like to experience that morning – western or eastern.

Running presents a variety of experiences. You can choose to run hard, or take it easy. You can run long, or you can do just do one lap around the park. You can choose to run on the road, or take on the trails. It depends on what experience you’d like for your run.

Brooks is extending your range of running experiences, by bringing on the Pure Project series. Besides choosing your intensity, mileage or terrain, we are opening a fourth dimension for you.

What do you feel like today – float or feel?

Basically, core shoes give you a “float” feeling. Its cushioning helps you “glide” along every foot strike. Do you want to feel protected, soft, and easy? Put on your core shoes today.

On the other hand, Pure Project shoes give you a “feel” experience. Built as a minimalist shoe, you’ll get to feel the ground more with every foot strike. It works well for those who like to experience barefoot running, without going completely foot-naked. Want to bring out the caveman in you? Go pure. Try Pure Project.

Here is a video that explain it very well.

So the next time you are deciding between Brooks core shoes or Brooks Pure Project shoes, just remember… It’s like  breakfast.

Last minute tuition

January 23, 2011

A couple of exciting things are going to happen very soon!

Question of the year: How many days before the new Brooks DNA shoes are available in stores?

Answer of the year: You can count it in one hand!

Here’s a last minute tutorial video, to orientate you for your shopping frenzy.

Oh yah, the Brooks DNA Contest on Facebook is still on. I know, everyone is trying to play out their running strategy here. Some people have come out sprinting by posting two entries within the first week itself! Others are opting for the conservative strategy – checking out other people’s pace, following behind the leading pack, reserving their fiercest kicks for the last kilometer.

Go check out the competition at Brooks Malaysia’s Facebook page! Just search for “Brooks Malaysia” at Facebook, and you’ll find us there. Contest ends on 7th February 2011.

Brooks DNA

January 1, 2011

The Brooks DNA technology is based on the unique properties of non-newtonian fluid. This gives the shoe an adaptive cushioning technology.

When you incorporate adaptive cushioning technology into your shoes, what you will get is soft comfort when you want it, firm support when you need it. You will have a shoe that conforms to your running habits. It personalizes itself only for you, the wearer.

Brooks DNA technology will be incorporated into the following models in January 2011:

  1. Glycerin 8.
  2. Trance 10.
  3. Adrenaline GTS 11.
  4. Ravenna 2.
  5. Cascadia 6.
  6. Beast.
  7. Ariel.

Running is not only in your DNA. Now, DNA is also in your shoes!

Run happy. With your happy genes, of course 🙂

Non-newtonian fluid

December 18, 2010

Wanna see something really cool?

That’s quite something, isn’t it? Those guys were having fun with non-newtonian fluid. You can actually do it yourself at home. All you need is water, corn starch and a really big tub.

A non-newtonian fluid is special stuff. It has both the qualities of a solid and a liquid. If you strike it fast, it will react like a solid. If you strike it slow, it will behave like a liquid.

When you run over a pool filled with non-newtonian fluid, your feet are applying force to the surface quickly. In physics, it means applying a high impulse on it. Impulse is measured as the change of momentum over time, (mv – mu)/t. Therefore, the non-newtonian fluid reacts as a solid. It pushes you back up like a spring.

When you stand on it, or walk slowly on it, you will sink like on quicksand. This is because you are putting force on it really slow (low impulse). Therefore, it acts like a liquid.

Can you imagine what happens when we apply the qualities of non-newtonian fluid, into running shoes?

This is what we call Brooks DNA technology.

Running life, with Brooks

December 17, 2010

Here’s a good video about running through life.

Running has a different meaning in different stages of a person’s life.

When you are a toddler, running will bring pride and joy to your parents. When you are a kid, running is very useful to get away from bullies. When you are a teenager, running will get you a scholarship into college.

When you are a young adult, running becomes your best avenue to discover your maximum human potential. When you are a working adult, running becomes a healthy form of exercise. When you have a family with kids, running becomes a form of escapism.

When you are retired, running becomes a past time. When you are old and grey, running becomes a miracle of sorts that will inspire many.

To quote somebody:

“Be students of your running. If you can find meaning in it, chances are, you will also find meaning in another absurd past time. Life.”

The history of Mo

December 15, 2010

Before Bio Mogo, there was Mogo. What is Mogo supposed to mean?

Simply put, Mo is a slang for “more”. Therefore, Mogo means “more go”. Mogo midsoles are made for resilience, durability and comfort. Your feet will feel good for a longer period of time. So you can run mo’!

When the traditional Mogo first came about, it has a red dot. Soon after, Bio Mogo followed. Its difference is marked with a green dot.

We’ll let the Brooks Institute of Mo teach you mo’ stuff. It’s an old video, but it’s still worth a watch:

Mogo. We hope it helps you to run mo’, clock mo’ miles, and have mo’ fun!