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Sneak Peek

September 20, 2013

In 1976, the experience of playing tennis was revolutionized by a radical new racket design.

In 1992, the experience of skiing was revolutionized by a ground breaking ski design.

The time is coming, when our paradigm on running will change.

In 2014, the Brooks Transcend will revolutionize the experience of running.

Are you ready to rise above the run?


Brooks Running Company Unveils the Ultimate Plush Ride that Tunes to Every Runner

September 17, 2013

The Brooks Transcend Revolutionizes How Runners Experience Stability and Cushioning

Seattle, Wash. – Aug. 2, 2013 – Brooks Running Company today unveiled the newest addition to its award-winning footwear line: the Transcend. Designed from the ground up based on runner insight and biomechanics, the Transcend delivers the ultimate smooth ride: cushioned, effortless, plush and completely tuned to you.

“During the development of PureProject and our efforts to define the Feel experience, we realized there are a number of runners who crave the opposite end of the spectrum, which we call Float,” said Jon Teipen, Brooks Footwear Product Line Manager. “Transcend is the first shoe that addresses this, driven by new technology that delivers a smooth ride with support that kicks in only when you need it, acting as a safety net that helps your body stay in a balanced position throughout the run.”

The Transcend is a traditional “support” shoe and complements the Brooks Adrenaline GTS, the best-selling shoe in the support category at Specialty Running Stores and the best-selling Brooks shoe across all channels for units sold this year, according to Leisure Trends. In addition, the Transcend enters the market at a time when the support category has wind at its back – as Leisure Trends measures it up 10 percent year-to-date in retail dollars sold across channels*.

The Transcend features five key technologies that work together to provide its unique ride:

1. Super DNA – this advanced cushioning material provides the ultimate smooth ride that smartly adapts to your every stride.

2. Guide Rails – specialized plates built into the midsole revolutionize traditional stability by allowing your hips, knees and joints to move along their unique motion path while you run – all without any traditional posts.

3. Ideal Pressure Zones – transform the traditional idea of comfort by minimizing localized pressure evenly in the heel, midfoot and forefoot.

4. Ideal Heel – aligns your stride naturally and easily.

5. Plush upper – a combination of premium materials conforms to your foot for a custom, lush fit.

For more information on the Transcend please visit The Transcend will be available at retail and on beginning February 1, 2014.

*Leisure Trends defines all channels to include sporting goods and specialty running retail channels.

Glycerin 11 rocks your ride!

June 23, 2013

The latest Glycerin 11 is now lighter, and even more comfortable than it already is!

The most prominent upgrade is the 3D Fit Print overlay, that is used to make the upper. The 3D Fit Print adds structure to the shoe, and reduces weight at the same time! It is now almost as light as the Ghost.

3D Fit Print also gives you an enhanced hug-you-foot fit. Its upper wraps around your foot nicely, to reduce slipping. It is made to be seamless, without any stitching. Your foot will no longer be rubbed or irritated by the upper’s stitching.

The other new upgrade is the full ground contact outsole. The midfoot shank is now removed, and filled in with midsole and outsole material. Remember that stiff plastic piece under your midfoot? It is now taken out, and replaced with the same, soft material that runs from heel to toe. That gives you an extra smooth transition and maximum plushness!

Those are the two main upgrades in the Glycerin 11.

The other technologies that remain are the full length DNA technology, that incorporates non-newtonian fluid principles for adaptable cushioning. And also the Omega Flex Grooves at the forefoot and midfoot area, for enchanced flexibility. The caterpillar crash pad is extended to the midfoot and forefoot area, to better shock absorption. Running over small holes or bumps won’t shake you anymore. Think smooth. Think plush. Think Glycerin 11!

The Glycerin 11 retails at RM559. It’s a real rockin’ ride!

Price list

May 12, 2013

Prices shown are before discount. Find out how much you can save after discount!

Pure Project

  • Pure Connect 4 – RM 419
  • Pure Connect 3 – RM 419
  • Pure Flow 4 – RM 459
  • Pure Flow 3 – RM 429
  • Pure Cadence 4 – RM 479
  • Pure Cadence 3 – RM 469
  • Pure Grit 3 – RM 479


  • Glycerin 12 – RM 559
  • Glycerin 11 – RM 559
  • Ghost GTX – RM 549
  • Ghost 7 – RM 459
  • Ghost 6 – RM 459
  • Dyad 8 – RM 399
  • Dyad 7 – RM 399
  • Defyance 8 – RM 369
  • Defyance 7 – RM 399
  • Vapor 11 – RM 299


  • Ravenna 6 – RM 459
  • Ravenna 5 – RM 459


  • Transcend 2 – RM 759
  • Transcend – RM 759
  • Trance 12 – RM 599
  • Adrenaline GTS 15 – RM 489
  • Adrenaline GTS 14 – RM 489


  • Beast – RM 499
  • Ariel – RM 459
  • Addiction 11 – RM 429


  • Adrenaline ASR 11 GTX – RM 549
  • Adrenaline ASR 11 – RM 439
  • Adrenaline ASR 10 – RM 439
  • Cascadia 10 – RM 459
  • Cascadia 9 – RM 459
  • Traildemon 2 – RM 199

Competition, road

  • Unisex T7 Racer – RM 379
  • Launch 2 – RM 399
  • Launch – RM 369
  • Unisex Racer ST5 – RM 359
  • Green Silence – RM 329

Competition, track

  • QW-K – RM 329
  • The Wire 2 – RM 299
  • PR LD – RM 259
  • PR LD 4:15 – RM 259
  • PR Sprint – RM 229
  • PR MD 46.61 – RM 369
  • PR MD – RM 199


  • Addiction Walker – RM 459
Kids’ Shoes
  • Ghost – RM 199
  • Adrenaline GTS 15 – RM 289
  • Adrenaline GTS – RM 229
  • Pure Flow 3 – RM 229

Jim Weber speaks in CBS Money Watch

May 11, 2013

Jim Weber, the CEO of Brooks spoke to Rebecca Jarvis in CBS Money Watch recently.

Brooks was essentially bankrupt at one point of time. It was a failing business, with 4 CEOs in 2 years, and we were carrying all kinds of shoes ranging from basketball to court to family footwear. Brooks was once a traditional athletic footwear company, until we had a strong conviction to change. That conviction drove Brooks to play a different game – a game in which we could win.

The decision was made to move to running shoes. The new competitive strategy focused on technical performance footwear, which is something Brooks was good at. The company put in lots of research and development focus on developing running shoes. We built labs, hired engineers, and poured in investments in material research and biomechanical research. By selling function first, we are now into the “fit business”, not shoe business.

While most brands link themselves with superstar athletes for marketing purposes, Brooks partners with key athletes on how to improve the shoes, rather than on endorsement. Hence, you can notice the difference in approach, on how Brooks partners with athletes. We leverage on the input of key athletes from the ground up, to get better and better at product creation.

Berkshire Hathaway has bought over Brooks, and Warren Buffet has set up Brooks as a stand alone entity. Even Warren Buffet himself has caught the running bug! Nike has led the way in the 80s, Asics in the 90s, and Brooks has overtaken them last year. We are running very fast, and we hope you will too!

jim weber

Click on the picture above to watch the video. Jim Weber says it best.

Pure Drift is available now!

January 25, 2013

A lot of anticipation has been building up towards the launch of the Pure Drift.


With this, we are excited to announce that Pure Drift is now available!

If you need one final review to make up your mind, just click on the picture above.

The Pure Drift retails at RM399. Purchase online for a special discount, with free delivery within Peninsular Malaysia.

Happy new year, from Brooks Malaysia

January 1, 2013

Thank you for running with us! We hope you have had an incredible year.

The year 2012 was an awesome year for us. It has seen the launch of the Pure Project series, that has taken the minimalist running world by storm. The Glycerin 10 won the Best Neutral Shoe award by Running Network. The Ghost 5 was Runner’s World Editor’s Choice, for the third time in a row! Ghost 3 and Ghost 4 won the same accolade from Runner’s World.


The Brooks Half Marathon 2012 was our signature event for the year. We will be having it again in 2013, and we look forward to making it an even better one.


We now have a Brooks Malaysia Facebook page. We believe in the importance of being constantly available to assist you in every way we can. We make it a point to respond to every query, comment or request within 24 hours. We hope to continue bringing products that exceed your expectation, and quality customer service at every touch point.


Click me to go to

The staff at Brooks Malaysia would like to wish you a happy new year 2013. Whether you are gunning for your Full Marathon personal best, for aiming to finish your first 10k, we would like to enrich your running experience by being with you at every stride of the way.

Have a great one ahead, and run happy!