Brooks categories

Brook’s range of shoes comes in four main categories.

Neutral – Ultimate cushioning and flexibility. Suitable for people with no pronation problems. Cushioning 90%, stability 10%.

Guidance – Superb cushioning and just a touch of stability. Suitable for mild pronators. Cushioning 75%, stability 25%.

Support – The perfect blend of cushioning and stability for mild to moderate pronators. Cushioning 50%, stability 50%.

Control – Maximum stability running shoes for moderate to severe overpronators. Cushioning 10%, stability 90%.

Besides those four categories, Brooks has a few more types of shoes for other purposes.

Trail – Meant for running trails. Built tougher with a harder sole, it is ideal for harsh conditions. It gives you sufficient protection when running over small rocks, pebbles, sand and uneven surfaces.

Competition – Meant for running during races, on the road and at the track. Made lighter, it comes with less cushioning and stability. But it gives you that competitive edge for speed and performance when it matters most.

Walking – For those who are looking for shoes, just for walking.


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