Ghost 7, a scary good shoe

The Ghost series is the popular favourite among runners with neutral to high arch feet. The latest Ghost 7 is a triple threat of balance, cushion and lightweight material. Definitely a “sure win” for its loyal fans, and a “must try” for Brooks newbies!

The Ghost 7 is not as cushioned as the Glycerin 12 for a reason. Some runners may feel that too much cushion is giving them something extra to lug around on their feet. Ghost 7 gives you the advantage of balance – not too much cushion to feel bulky, and yet its Biomogo DNA is good enough to give you a comfortable ride.

Biomogo DNA is the soft, cushion element of the shoe, that works together with the structure of the sole. The shoe’s sole now uses a horseshoe-shaped crash pad, with total contact with the ground. This means a better cushioned landing, and a smooth heel to toe transition.

The Ghost 7 is scary light, weighing in at only 10.4 ounces.

There you go. Balanced, cushioned, and lightweight. What more can you ask for.

Ghost 7, with all its added benefits, maintains the same price as its previous version, retailing at RM 459.

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