6 obstacles, and bounty everywhere!

The Brooks Run Happy 2014 is a race like never before.

You will not get:

  1. Cash prizes if you are a top finisher.
  2. A new 10km personal best – because it is not 10km. Done on purpose, to get you off the competitive track.
  3. A straight road from start to end.

But you will get:

  1. To cross a river.
  2. To climb a wall.
  3. To go through tyre hoops.
  4. To swing with tyres.
  5. Run up a watch tower.
  6. Charge through a foam maze.
  7. Go bounty hunting along the way.

Bounty awaits those with strong legs and good eyes. Try to grab a Brooks Run Happy Tag if you can find any. A Brooks mystery gift awaits!

Brooks Run Happy 2014 is not about finishing fast. It is about running happy.

Register today with Hooha here.

Stay updated at the event page here.

And watch out for interesting developments at our Brooks Running Facebook page here.

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