Biomechanics don’t lie

In discovering Natural Habitual Joint Motion, Brooks has linked up with Professor Dr. Gert-Peter Brueggermann (Director of the Institute of Biomechanics and Orthopedics, German Sport University of Cologne) and Professor Dr. Joseph Hamill (Director of the Biomechanics Lab, University of Massachusetts Amherst). Both are biomechanics and footwear experts for over 30 years, and have published more than 300 journal articles.

We have found that – your biomehcanics don’t lie.

There is a way to strap you down on a machine, and examine the three primary rotations of your knee when you are running. In an experiment, we used 6 different pairs of legs, and each leg went through 10 cycles. The following results were shown:

NHJM v5.1.indd


Each pair of legs showed its desired pathway very consistently. In fact, the motion is so repeatable, all 10 cycles of the knee movement lined up on top of each other, forming a single loop.

Also, each pair of legs showed its desired pathway very uniquely. 6 pairs of legs were used, and exactly 6 loops were formed. Each leg produced only one loop. And none of the legs shared the same kind of loop pattern.

Therefore, we embrace the idea that everyone has his or her individual preferred pathway of motion. The Transcend works within that realm, rather than inhibit it or control it. This, will decipher the mystery of running comfort.

Rise above the run!

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