Natural Habitual Joint Motion

Our habits are caused by our body, not the mind.

As far as running is concerned, your running habit is a body thing, not a mind thing. Let me break it down for you.

Each person’s anatomy is unique. Therefore, your anatomy gives you a unique pathway for your joints. This unique pathway gives your a bones and muscles a particular natural movement. This natural movement is performed subconsciously, outside your conscious control. When these subconscious movements are performed continuously, it forms your running habit.

Therefore, it is not strange to conclude that your habits are caused by your body – the way your bones, tendons and ligaments are joined together.


When you run naturally, you run as you.

Instead of changing your habits, a better solution is to embrace it. We call this theory “Natural Habitual Joint Motion”, or NHJM in short. When you run with your NHJM, you will run in a path of least resistance for all your joints. Naturally, you will enjoy increased performance, better efficiency, and reduced risk of injury.

When NHJM is applied correctly, you can conserve energy instead of waste energy trying to run in an unnatural way that your body resists. NHJM will allow you to focus on propelling your body forward, instead of moving your body in any other unhelpful way. This in turn will prevent wear and tear.

The Transcend utilizes the concept of NHJM, to bring harmony between your running needs and your running preference. It can do all that a shoe is supposed to do, without distorting your natural running style.

If you are running as you, why change?

Rise above the run!

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