Transcend and your anatomy

Stride Signature is the new starting point from which we define a runner’s perfect form and alignment. Perfection is no longer determined by how well your form or alignment fits a certain mould. Perfection is how well your natural and highly individual motion path is used at its best. Like your own signature, there is none more beautiful than your own.

Your Stride Signature comes about when your movements find a certain path of least resistance. When this path is found, the idea is to stay on it for as long as possible. The better you are at staying on it, the more efficient your running will be.

Your Stride Signature is controlled by your anatomy. The three areas of anatomy that interest are bones, ligaments and tendons.

bone 1

Knee bone and its geometry.

Bones at our knee joint are shaped to provide a sliding rotational movement. Therefore, the geometry of our bones at the knee joint controls the preferred pathway of our knee movements. Under the examination of hundreds of x-rays, we can see that the geometry of knee bones differs between people. Therefore don’t be too harsh on yourself if your knees can’t help you to stride in a certain way. It’s in your bones.

bone 2

Ligaments – primary stabilizers that connect bone to bone.

Ligaments are like rubber bands that connect a bone with another bone. They are primary stabilizers, to prevent our bones from unwanted movements. The stiffness or strength of these ligaments varies from person to person, depending on your DNA, diet, past injury history, age and exercise level. Your bone geometry sets the direction of motion, and your ligaments get you there.

NHJM v5.1.indd

Tendons – secondary stabilizers that connect muscle to bone.

Tendons connect your muscles to bones. They are secondary stabilizers, to keep your joints moving in their preferred pathways. When your motion leaves its preferred pathway, the tendons help to bring it back to the natural motion pattern. Strong muscles determine how effectively your joints return to the preferred path. Weak muscles may lead to a loss of control over your preferred motion. Have you wondered why sometimes you start to run funny after a long period of time?

The Transcend helps you to maintain your Natural Habitual Joint Motion. The answer – Guide Rails.

Rise above the run!

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