Transcending into a new paradigm of running

During the past 5 years, running shoes and their benefits have been under the microscope like never before.

Once upon a time, the popular point of view was to make shoes as highly cushioned as possible. Therefore, shoes were decked up with cushioning to reduce injuries.

However, a theory arose that highly cushioned shoes were the cause of injuries. Therefore, there was a movement to make shoes with as little cushioning as possible. The idea is to go back to running barefoot, because running barefoot will strengthen our muscles the right way, hence reduce injuries.

Later on, a point of view arose that forefoot / midfoot running was the only way to run. This came from a belief that landing on heels is the wrong way to run. Hence, shoes were made with a specific purpose of forefoot / midfoot running only, to conform runners to run only in a certain way.

As the battle raged on between pragmatic shoe cushioning lovers and purist barefoot runners, another idea came about to reach a middle ground. Hence, minimalist shoes were made with minimum weight and maximum flexibility. The minimum weight offers some form of light cushioning, while the maximum flexibility maintains the barefoot feel.

Each of these movements in shoe technology are small revolutions that have shaped our experience of running. But is there truth in any of these ideologies? Are they all equally correct, or is there only one correct theory?


The correct way to run is to run happy!

Based on our intensive research, we want to propose a radical shift in the running shoe paradigm.

It is a shift away from figuring out a single “correct” way to run, to better understanding your own way to run. It is about knowing yourself, and your unique stride signature.

It is a shift away from starting with broad principles, to starting with your own individual style. It is about how your happiest stride is also your correct stride.

It is a shift away from using a single factor like overpronation to judge your running form, to considering multiple factors that gives you a running pattern. It is about an non-judgmental, holistic understanding of why you run the way you run.

It is a shift away from matching the runner to the shoe, to matching the shoe to the runner. It is about making the best of what is right, instead of fixing what is wrong.

Those who get it, will transcend their run.

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