It’s like running on clouds

We run for different reasons. Some of us run because we are good at it. Some run to get energized, and feel good before the day begins. Some run to get in tune with their bodies and push the limits. And some like the trance-like experience, to just “float” through the run.

Brooks is unique, because all we do is focus on the run. We live the run, day in and day out. We understand what runners want, and runner understand that.

We have the seen the shift away from minimalism, and a huge group of runners still want cushioning in their shoe. In the “feel-float” spectrum, minimalists like to “feel” the run. Everything in Pure Project applied to the “feel” aspect. But the other component in the puzzle is “float”, where cushioning comes in. Transcend is the first shoe that deals with the “float” aspect.

We have been researching a lot on biomechanics, human motion, running, injuries, and we have seen the connections between them. This brings us to question the norms that has existed for 20 years, and allows us to engineer a product out of that.

You just want to cruise, and have an easy, care free run. You want to zone out, and glide across the landscape. You are looking for the “float” and “flow” experience, and you want a shoe that can do all that for you.

The Transcend is a response to what runners have been asking for. You may feel like you are running on clouds.

Rise above the run!

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