Transcend tech sheet

The Transcend pushes the limits of shoe technology with very noticeable upgrades.


Super DNA provides 25% more cushioning than the Glycerin 11 or Trance 12. Just when you think that cushioning could not get any better, wait until you try out the Super DNA!

Guide Rails deliver support to your stride, where you need it and when you need it, as you run according to your Natural Habitual Joint Motion. The experience of running will be revolutionized, when biomechanical insights are combined with technology to become one with the runner.

To put you in a feel good zone, the Transcend brings you a plush new world. The seamless Plush Upper, Ideal Pressure Zones and Ideal Heel magnifies the comfort factor to a level like never before! Be prepared to maximize your Float experience.

Rise above then run!

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