5 key technologies of Transcend


Super DNA – provides a tailored cushion that adapts to every stride. If you remember the kind of superior cushioning the Glycerin 11 or Trance 12 provides, imagine that the Transcend is even better!

Guide Rails – allow knees and joints to move within their unique motion pattern. It replaces the Diagonal Rollbars to balance off pronation and supination issues.

Ideal Pressure Zones – distributes pressure evenly within the heel, mid-foot and forefoot. The shock of impact will not feel magnified in any one area, as it gets minimized and spread out evenly.

Ideal Heel – aligns every stride naturally. Focus is put on where your heel usually lands in its natural motion.

Plush Upper – conforms to every foot for a custom fit. With a soft, comfortable and luxurious feel, your running will reach an experience of a new level.

Rise above the run!

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