How shoes can prevent overpronation

Overpronation is what happens when your ankles roll inwards as you put your weight on your foot. If your ankles roll inwards while you are walking or running, then you are an overpronator.

Overpronators typically experience pain in the inner ankle area. Due to a misalignment of the ankles, compounded by the weight that is put on the foot at every stride, such injuries are common. However, choosing the correct shoe can help alleviate the pain or lessen such injuries.

Brooks shoes from the Guidance category have the Diagonal Rollbar. It is the grey matter at the medial area of the midsole. It is made of stiffer material, and it aligns your ankles back into a neutral position whenever your ankles roll in. The Diagonal Rollbar is useful if you have mild overpronation. Just a little guidance will do, to get your ankles back to where it should be.

A Guidance shoe - men's Ravenna 4

A Guidance shoe – men’s Ravenna 4

If your feet has moderate overpronation (slightly more than mild, but not severe), then the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar will come in handy. This can be found from shoes in the Support category. See how the grey matter increases its support as your overpronation gets more pronounced?

A Support shoe - men's Adrenaline GTS 13

A Support shoe – men’s Adrenaline GTS 13

If your feet are extremely flat and you have severe overpronation, the Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar comes to your rescue. It offers you maximum control, to get you “back on your feet”. Hence it is called a Control shoe.

A Control shoe - men's Beast

A Control shoe – men’s Beast

If your feet do not have any overpronation, then you do not need any of those grey matter diagonal rollbars. Go for a Neutral shoe, since your feet do not need any corrective structures. You can enjoy a smooth ride, all round! No grey matter needed.

A Neutral shoe - men's Glycerin 11

A Neutral shoe – men’s Glycerin 11

We hope this little piece of knowledge will help you find the perfect ride for your stride.

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