All things green

If you like green because you are a go green person, or because you like vegetables, or because it is still the Hari Raya month, here is a range of Brooks shoes to keep with the theme.

From the men’s Pure Project line, the Pure Connect 2 comes in pure green!

Men's Pure Connect 2 - RM399

Men’s Pure Connect 2 – RM399

The men’s Pure Flow 2 comes in a tinge of green, on a black base.

Men's Pure Flow 2 - RM399

Men’s Pure Flow 2 – RM399

From the men’s core shoes line, we have the new Ravenna 4. Suitable for neutral feet, with slight overpronation.

Men's Ravenna 4 - RM439

Men’s Ravenna 4 – RM439

For Ghost fans who like waterproof Gore-Tex material, check out the men’s Ghost 6 GTX!

Men's Ghost 6 GTX - RM599

Men’s Ghost 6 GTX – RM599

Women’s green themed designs are more bluish green than pure green. The Pure Project line features the Pure Cadence 2 and Pure Grit 2 in the bluish green colour scheme.

Women's Pure Cadence 2 - RM439

Women’s Pure Cadence 2 – RM439

Women's Pure Grit 2 - RM429

Women’s Pure Grit 2 – RM429

The women’s Ravenna 4 comes in bluish green too, with a tinge of yellowish green.

Women's Ravenna 4 - RM439

Women’s Ravenna 4 – RM439

And finally, the women’s Adrenaline GTS 13. It is suitable for flat feet, with overpronation. This time it comes in light green.

Women's Adrenaline GTS 13 - RM459

Women’s Adrenaline GTS 13 – RM459

Eat your greens, run in green, and make your running buddies green with envy. Run happy!

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