Glycerin 11 rocks your ride!

The latest Glycerin 11 is now lighter, and even more comfortable than it already is!

The most prominent upgrade is the 3D Fit Print overlay, that is used to make the upper. The 3D Fit Print adds structure to the shoe, and reduces weight at the same time! It is now almost as light as the Ghost.

3D Fit Print also gives you an enhanced hug-you-foot fit. Its upper wraps around your foot nicely, to reduce slipping. It is made to be seamless, without any stitching. Your foot will no longer be rubbed or irritated by the upper’s stitching.

The other new upgrade is the full ground contact outsole. The midfoot shank is now removed, and filled in with midsole and outsole material. Remember that stiff plastic piece under your midfoot? It is now taken out, and replaced with the same, soft material that runs from heel to toe. That gives you an extra smooth transition and maximum plushness!

Those are the two main upgrades in the Glycerin 11.

The other technologies that remain are the full length DNA technology, that incorporates non-newtonian fluid principles for adaptable cushioning. And also the Omega Flex Grooves at the forefoot and midfoot area, for enchanced flexibility. The caterpillar crash pad is extended to the midfoot and forefoot area, to better shock absorption. Running over small holes or bumps won’t shake you anymore. Think smooth. Think plush. Think Glycerin 11!

The Glycerin 11 retails at RM559. It’s a real rockin’ ride!

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