How to choose a Brooks core shoe

You have decided to get a pair Brooks core shoes. The thing is, there are so many to choose from! Let’s try to break it down, to make your options easier for you.

Basically, Brooks core shoes come in 4 categories – Neutral, Guidance, Support and Control. Imagine that Neutral Category is on the far left, and Control Category is on the far right. As you move from left to right, your feet are getting progressively flatter, and your overpronation is getting more pronounced.

Neutral Category

Neutral shoes are right for you, if you have neutral feet with no overpronation. It still works for you if you are a supinator.

The Glycerin and Ghost are the two most popular models from this category. If you like superior comfort and cushioning, but do not mind a slightly extra weight, then the Glycerin will be good for you. If you like your shoes to be slightly lighter with a price advantage, then go for the Ghost.

Sample from women's Glycerin series

Sample from women’s Glycerin series

Guidance Category

Now imagine that your feet are still neutral, and your ankles overpronate just slightly. If this describes your condition, then the Ravenna is what you are looking for. It comes with a touch of anti-pronation properties, to suit your needs. The Ravenna comes in the “normal” width only, and may not be suitable if you have wide feet.

Sample from men's Ravenna series

Sample from men’s Ravenna series

Support Category

Moving further towards the “right”, now your feet are flat, with moderate overpronation. You need a pair of shoes that can prevent your ankles from rolling inwards, that usually lead to inner-ankle pains.

The Trance and Adrenaline GTS are the two options that you have. The Trance 10 is the pinnacle of all Brooks shoes, sitting at the peak of the price pyramid, with out-of-this-world comfort from heel to toe. If you are looking for something a little more reasonable on the wallet that can deliver the same function, the Adrenaline GTS will be a better choice.

Sample from women's Adrenaline GTS series

Sample from women’s Adrenaline GTS series

Control Category

At the far “right”, your feet are extremely flat, and you have severe overpronation. This condition is quite rare, and not many people fall into this category. However, if you do, then the Beast is your solution if you are male. If you are female, then Ariel is your answer.

The Beast and Ariel are the heaviest shoes in our range. It comes with excellent anti-pronation properties, to cater specially to extremely flat-footed needs. You may not want this model if you don’t need it. But if you need it, you will find it to be a lifesaver indeed.

Sample from men's Beast series

Sample from men’s Beast series

Contact a Brooks Consultant if you need further advice.

Run happy!

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