What is my shoe size?

Shoe sizes for running shoes generally differ from shoe sizes of your slippers, sandals or high heels. You need to use a regular running shoe or sports shoe, to find out your Brooks shoe size. Any brand of sports shoes will do, as the metrics are generally the same.

US size

Brooks uses US size, as it is an American brand. Therefore, for easy communication, it is best to use US size.

On a Brooks shoe box, you can find its US size, UK size, EURO size and CM size. Just in case you do not know your US size, but you know your UK / EURO / CM size, you can easily find your US size equivalent.

How do I convert from UK size to US size?

If you are male, your US size is the same as your UK size + 1. If you are female, your US size is the same as your UK size + 2.

For example, if you male, and you are UK 9, then you are US 10. If you are female, and you are UK 6, then you are US 8.

How much is a half US size difference?

Every increase of one US size is the same as an increase of 1 CM size. For example, men’s US 10 is 28 CM, and men’s US 11 is 29 CM. The same principle works for women’s sizes as well.

Therefore, every half US size differs by half CM.

The CM metrics is basically the length of the insole. Therefore, it is the same for both male and female.

What is my men’s US size equivalent, if I am a woman?

This situation arises if you are female, but your feet are too big for women’s sizes. Therefore, your only option is to try a men’s size.

Men’s US size is equivalent to women’s US size – 1.

For example, if your women’s size is US 11 (which does not exist), then your men’s size is US 10.

Shoe width

Another factor to look out for is the shoe width. Asians generally have wide feet, because we were barefooted at home since we were born. Westerners tend to have narrower feet, because they wear shoes indoors at home. This is just a general observation, but it is also generally true.

For men, normal width is D, wide is 2E, and extra wide is 4E. Asian men generally have 2E width.

For women, normal width is B, wide is D. Asian women generally have D width.

All information can be seen on the box

All information can be seen on the box

Point to note: You may not always find the colour of your choice to match the width of your choice. Every Brooks model comes at a particular colour, for a particular width. For example, the men’s Glycerin 10 in 2E width comes in red, while D width comes in blue.

For further clarification, please feel free to check with a Brooks Consultant.

Run happy!

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