How to choose trail shoes

You are looking for a pair of trail shoes. This may help you narrow down your choices.

Generally, there are 2 broad categories to choose from – the Core Shoes category, or the Pure Project category.

If you want a sturdy, hardy, tough shoe with good traction, and you don’t mind a little extra weight, then look for one from the Core Shoes category. If you want it to be as light as possible, go straight for the Pure Project category.

Core Shoes Category

The Adrenaline ASR is good for wide feet, with overpronatation. Its width is a little wider for comfort. It has an in-built DRB rollbar, for anti-pronation purposes.

Sample from women's Adrenaline ASR series

Sample from women’s Adrenaline ASR series

The Cascadia is good for feet with normal width, with no overpronation. It does not come with an anti-pronation factor, which you do not need if you do not overpronate.

Sample from women's Cascadia series

Sample from women’s Cascadia series

If you are an “elitist”, then the Adrenaline GTX may suit you. It is the most expensive trail shoe, and has the most impressive features. It comes with Goretex technology, which makes it water resistant and extremely durable. Very good for hard core trail runners. Its construction mirrors the Adrenaline GTS (from the road running category), and is suitable for overpronators.

Sample from men's Adrenaline GTX series

Sample from men’s Adrenaline GTX series

Ghost GTX is the Adrenaline GTX’s twin brother. Similar in every way, except that is construction mirrors the Ghost (from the road running category). Suitable for neutral arch feet, with no pronation.

Sample from men's Ghost GTX series

Sample from men’s Ghost GTX series

Pure Project Category

The Pure Grit is the one you are looking for, if the weight factor matters the most to you, and you want your trail shoe to be as light as possible. It is suitable for neutral arch feet with no pronation. You can’t go wrong with this choice, if you are a minimalist runner or barefoot enthusiast.

Sample from men's Pure Grit series

Sample from men’s Pure Grit series

For further explanation on finding the perfect trail shoe for you, contact a Brooks Consultant.

Run happy!

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