Which Pure Project shoe is right for you?

You have narrowed down your choices to get a pair of shoes from Pure Project series. But which one should you go for?

For easy understanding, let’s use a few key metrics to measure the differences, on a scale of 1.0 to 5.0 (1.0 being the least and 5.0 being the most). We will measure it in terms of weight, width and cushioning. Therefore, a “1.0” for weight means it is extremely light, a “1.0” for width means it is extremely narrow, and a “1.0” for cushioning means it is non-existent.

Pure Connect

Pure Connect is meant for the neutral foot, with no pronation. It is the lightest Pure Project shoe (before Pure Drift was released). However, your feet has to be the narrow to fit into these. The designs for the Pure Connect tend to look the “sharpest”.

Weight – 2.0, width – 1.0, cushioning – 2.0

Sample from men's Pure Connect series

Sample from men’s Pure Connect series

Pure Flow

It is also meant for the neutral foot, with no pronation. It is slightly wider than the Pure Flow. So if the Pure Connect does not fit you because of the width, then the Pure Flow is the perfect alternative.

Weight – 2.5, width – 2.0, cushioning – 2.5

Sample from women's Pure Flow series

Sample from women’s Pure Flow series

Pure Cadence

The Pure Cadence is good for the flat foot, with mild pronation. By definition, a minimalistic shoe is built with as little material as possible, hence it is not supposed to have “cushioning” as a characteristic. But for the sake of discussion, if “cushioning” were to be measured among all Pure Project shoes, the Pure Cadence will give you the most cushion.

Weight – 3.0, width – 2.0 cushioning – 3.0

Sample from men's Pure Cadence series

Sample from men’s Pure Cadence series

Pure Grit

This is a trail shoe, in its minimalist version. Trail shoes are usually made to be hardier and bulkier than road running shoes. If you want to feel light on your feet while running trails, hiking a hill or trekking a rough terrain, then the Pure Grit is a good choice.

Weight – 3.0, width – 2.0, cushioning – 3.0

Sample from men's Pure Grit series

Sample from men’s Pure Grit series

Pure Drift

The Pure Drift is the lightest of all Brooks shoes! If you like something that allows your feet to feel almost naked, then this is the one you are looking for. It is also a good alternative for the Pure Connect, if your feet are too narrow for it. The Pure Drift is roomy at the toe box, and it goes well for neutral feet with no pronation.

Weight – 1.0, width – 2.5, cushioning – 1.0

Sample from the men's Pure Drift series

Sample from the men’s Pure Drift series

P.S. the numerical scale used for key metrics (weight, width and cushioning) are relative among Pure Project shoes only. It is merely a qualitative measure to compare one Pure Project shoe against another, for easy understanding. Therefore, a “3.0” for weight does not mean it is heavy like a brick, nor does “3.0” for cushioning mean it is as pillowy as a core shoe, e.g. Glycerin 10. Generally, all Pure Project shoes are lighter than any other shoe.

To find out if your feet are neutral arch or flat foot, or whether your feet are considered narrow, or whether you need a shoe with just a little bit more cushioning, contact a Brooks Consultant.

Run happy!

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