Buying your first pair of Brooks running shoes

So, you are looking for your first pair of Brooks running shoes? Here are a few guidelines that may help you to make the right purchase.

What do you want it for?

If you are looking for running shoes, or shoes for activities that involve footwork, then you have come to the right place. We do not carry basketball shoes, badminton shoes or football shoes. But if you want a good pair of shoes to do general running, we are specialists in this area.

Which type of shoes do I need?

If you are looking for shoes to do general running, with no specific preference on terrain, then you have 2 ranges to choose from – the Brooks core shoes, or Brooks Pure Project.

Do I need Brooks core shoes?

If you are a beginner, and you are looking for a pair of shoes to start you off in the right direction, the Brooks core shoes (or training shoes) is the recommended option. It is best for injury prevention, comfort and has anti-pronation capabilities. If you do not want knee pains, muscle aches or sprained ankles, the Brooks core shoes range is most effective to lessen it, or avoid this from happening. You do not want to start your running life with an unhappy experience.

Brooks core shoes

Brooks core shoes

The Brooks core shoes come in 4 categories – Neutral, Guidance, Support and Control. Each type caters to a different foot arch and pronation type. To learn more about your foot’s condition and which category is suitable for you, look for a Brooks Consultant.

If you are heavy (or think that you are heavy), and intend to run long distances, and expect the shoe to go the distance with you, then a Brooks core shoe is your best bet.

Do I need  a Brooks Pure Project shoe?

If the description above does not fit your needs, the Pure Project range is your next best bet.

Pure Project best fits the type of people who like to feel light, run fast and look trendy.

Most runners use Pure Project shoes as a racer (for running a race). They train with Brooks core shoes. But on race day, they use Pure Project to fly. Pure Project shoes are very light! Yes, it may help you shave a few seconds or minutes to hit your personal best. If you are the competitive type, this will appeal to you.

The look of a Pure Project shoe is more trendy too. If you are fashion conscious, and you would want to wear this to the shopping mall without looking “weird”, then Pure Project is your fashionable option.

Brooks Pure Project shoes

Brooks Pure Project shoes

Pure Project comes in 4 categories – Pure Connect, Pure Flow, Pure Cadence and Pure Drift. To learn more about the differences of these 4 categories, look for a Brooks Consultant.

We hope these simple guidelines will help you to make a right purchase.

Run happy!

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