Brooks Half Marathon 2013 report

Dear participants in the Brooks Half Marathon 2013,

We have taken note of the dissatisfaction around the Brooks Half Marathon 2013, of which Brooks is the title sponsor. Time was taken to launch an investigation on this matter, and we hereby would like to share with you our findings. If there are any areas that fell short of expectations, we can work with our partners to make corrections. We want to inspire everyone to run and be active, but even more, we want every runner to have a positive and safe race day experience.

Our team relies on partnering with local event organizers who specialize in planning and executing high-quality running events. In this case, the event organizer, Taman Bukit Jalil Running Club approached Brooks in 2012 about becoming the apparel and prizing sponsor for this long-running half marathon, 10K and 5K event. As title sponsor, we provide the apparel and prizes, but rely on the running club to plan and manage all event logistics, including determining the race course. Given our positive history with the event organizer and the knowledge that they have planned and executed many successful events, we were excited to sign on and help bring the Run Happy spirit to runners in Malaysia.

The event organizer’s Floor Plan is as below:

Water stations (5 stations)

  • 3rd km/ 6th km/ 9th km / 13th km / 17th km.
  • 9th km station served isotonic drinks, Power Gel, toilets and praying tent.
  • 17th km station served isotonic drinks.

Medical Support

  • 4 ambulances on duty (patrolling in a 4 – 5 km radius).
  • 20 medical personnel.
  • 46 road marshals on bikes to communicate any assistance needed.

Security Support

  • 70 RELA officers along running route.
  • 20 RELA officers at Parking A/B/C.
  • 10 RELA officers around stage area.

The number of participants rose from 6,000 runners in 2012, to 11,500 runners in 2013. Unfortunately, through rapid growth and other unfortunate circumstances, the race day experience fell far short of everyone’s standards.

We were very upset to hear about the issues and to help ensure it doesn’t happen again, we have shared the feedback we received directly with the race organizers. Through our conversations we understand they are taking the unfit conditions and medical emergency on course very seriously and will work to correct issues prior to next year’s race.

The results of the race can be viewed here, and the e-certs can be viewed here. The event organizer, Taman Bukit Jalil Running Club, can be reached at We have shared all the feedback we received with them, but we also encourage you to reach out with further questions or to continue the conversation.

Thank you for running with Brooks Malaysia. We hope to bring you a better race day experience next year.

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