Brooks Half Marathon 10km category reopened!

Due to the popular demand from the public for Brooks Half Marathon 2013, the men’s 10km and women’s 10km category with vest will be reopened for both online and manual registrations.


Online registrations are allocated with another 800 slots – 400 for men and 400 for women.

Manual registrations are allocated 300 slots – 150 for men and 150 for women. The 300 slots will be distributed evenly to Brooks outlets at The Curve Petaling Jaya, Sunway Pyramid and Aeon Bukit Tinggi. When one venue’s allocated registration slots become full, slots from other outlets can be used. In other words, the registration slots are transferable. Please check with the respective venues before doing so.

Those who have registered either online or manually for Category W (men’s 10km without vest) and Category Y (women’s 10km without vest), you have an option if you want a vest. Please inform the respective venue where you registered that you want to change to Category J or K. During race kit collection at the Curve from 22 – 24 February, just pay an additional RM10 for the vest.

Once all registration slots for both online and manual registration are full, Category W and Category Y shall resume.

Run happy!

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