Pure Drift – so light, you may forget you’re wearing it

Another key feature of the Pure Drift is its weight – or rather, the lack of it. Pure Drift is the lightest shoe ever produced by Brooks! It is even lighter than the T7 Racer.

The debate of benefits between highly cushioned shoes and minimally crafted shoes cannot be settled within a lifetime. Usually, it boils down to what is a runner’s individual need. At other times, it comes down to a matter of running philosophy.

If you are a fan of barefoot running, then Pure Drift brings light weighted-ness to a whole new level. Brooks has taken the weight out of the shoe, and replaced it with thoughtful craftmanship. It is a high-performance shoe, optimized for the naturalist runner. The shoe is so light, you can feel your cadence improve with ease.

One Pure Drift reviewer couldn’t tell whether the shoe box actually has shoes in it!


To read more about his experience of un-boxing the Pure Drift, click on the picture above.

One tip for you. When you buy your Pure Drift from the outlet, check it first before you walk away. Just to make sure the shoes are in the box.

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