Finally, a minimalist shoe for wide feet!

A common problem with most racing shoes and minimalist shoes is, it doesn’t go well with wide feet. Lightweight shoes are usually made to be snug, so it hugs your foot in just all the right places. Good minimalist shoes do that, while connecting your run with the ground.

However, those with wide feet are left out of the experience. Is there a lightweight, minimalist shoe that can be enjoyed by runners with wide feet?

The Pure Drift has come up with an answer. It is an ultra light shoe, that wraps your foot snugly at the midfoot. And the best part is, it also gives you a very roomy toe box! No other minimalist shoes  are built like that.

Another reviewer of the Pure Drift highlights this feature, as well as a few other plus points.

Does the Pure Drift help if you choose to run in the dark? Does it really push you towards running midfoot style? Does it help you to develop the correct running muscles?


This reviewer certainly believes so. Click on the picture above to read his story.

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