Are you ready for the Pure Drift?

January 2013 is just around the corner. And so is the launch of the Pure Drift!

The Pure Drift has been tested by a few reviewers. We are very excited to share their findings with you.

It is the first shoe by Brooks that gives you an option to fully remove its sock liner, for a zero drop experience. Barefoot running fans will find this very appealing.

How different does it feel to run with the sock liner, and without the sock liner? One reviewer went the distance and tested it during the Malakoff Powerman. First running leg without the sock liner, and the last running leg with the sock liner. An acid test for his brand new Pure Drift, on race day itself!

Being a risk taker, he decided to put the Pure Drift to another test – the washing test.

Does the Pure Drift feel good with or without the sock liner? Does it really help you to change your running style? Does it survive if you – gulp – drop it into the washing machine?


To find out whether you’d like to be in their shoes, click on his photo above.

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