How Ghost 5 got its name

Here are a few little known facts about the Ghost 5.

The ghost story behind the shoe

In Brooks HQ USA, there is staff member who is an  accomplished runner. The strange thing is, he is always at tip-top shape and no one actually saw him training! It was such a mystery. They discovered later that he logs hundreds of miles a month at night. Like a ghost. This inspired his co-workers so much that the Ghost 5 was named after him.

If you still have an old Ghost 3 with you, check the sock liner. It says, “Run with the Ghost”.

Jack the Ripper

The design team went great lengths to look for inspiration when developing the shoe. This included research trips to Rome, Barcelona and London. And even a Jack the Ripper walking tour, held at the very streets you wouldn’t want to run in during the late 19th century.

Ghost toungue

Perforated foam is added at the shoe toungue. This gives you more airflow, and less glue used in manufacturing. You’ll have a more breathable and comfortable ride, as you float around your favourite haunts.

Contact with this world

The Ghost 5 has a reduced heel shank, to give you more contact with the ground. Whether you run mid-foot or heel strike, this feature works with whatever foot strike is most natural for you. This makes the shoe more versatile.

Tech packed

The shoes is packed with Brooks tech, such as Biomogo midsole, Omega grooves, Omni grooves and DNA inserts. The Ghost 5 is what you’ll want to try out, to have a good feel of Brooks technology.

Take a look at this video. Don’t worry, it’s not a ghost movie trailer.

Ghost 5 retails at RM 459. Purchase online for a special discount!

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