Glycerin 10 – Best Neutral Shoe award

The Glycerin 10 won the Best Neutral Shoe award by Running Network for 2012. Out of the 5 nominees in this category, 3 of them are from Brooks – Glycerin 10, Ghost 5 and Dyad 7. Glycerin 10 came up tops, beating Nike’s Air Pegasus+ 29 and Mizuno’s Wave Enigma 2.

The Glycerin 10 focuses on “premium-izing” a few areas, from inside-out.

Glycerin 10 is a Neutral Shoe that suits normal to high arch feet with neutral pronation. Inside the shoe, a layer of foam conforms to your foot according to your weight distribution. Its textured surface keeps your foot in place. Hence, it is made to feel exactly fitted for you, both structurally and internally.

The midsole cushioning gives you a blend of cushy protection and  responsive performance. Glycerin 10 comes with full-length DNA technology from heel to toe, incorporating non-newtonian fluid principles. It feels cushy when you apply a slow, steady weight – like when you are standing on it.  When you exert a sudden force on it – like when you are pounding the ground running – the DNA responds by giving you a push off. The blend of cushion and responsive performance is what makes the Glycerin 10 stand out from a crowd.

On the outside of the shoe, the mesh is a new design. It is made with a better weather-repellent microfiber element. You don’t have to worry about rough usage outdoors, rain or shine. The Glycerin 10 goes the distance, if you will.

The outer sides of the shoe is an extended caterpillar crash pad. The whole length of the entire lateral side absorbs shock very well upon landing. The caterpillar crash pads bring the comfort of running to a new level.

And of course, finally. It looks good.

Glycerin 10 retails at RM529. Ask for a special discount when you purchase online. Delivery is free within Peninsular Malaysia! Valid from 1 – 30 November 2012, for online purchases only.

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