The perfect ride for Melissa’s stride

We have spread the joy of running to yet another person! Read on to hear Melissa’s story.

* * * * * * * * * *

I met a Brooks consultant during a foot/shoe consultation session in Starbucks Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang one morning, some months ago.

Although I bought the shoe (Ravenna) some where in March, I only started using them end of May/early June. I did not sign up for the Standard Chartered Run, like the Brooks consultant suggested and did nothing for the first few months after I got my shoe. It was just lying in the box in the car boot.

Then I signed up for Kenny Roger’s Chicken Run (I dunno why) but I am glad I did cos then I started practicing for it, which meant I took out my “brand new” 2 months old shoe from the box and used it.

For someone as heavy as I am, I love my Ravenna from day one I put it to use. My feet never felt tired (only I did and was always out of breath) Hahah… It was light but my feet felt protected. It was cushion-y without weighing like a brick. I like it that it’s NOT THE THING on my mind to worry about when I am already worrying about reaching the end of my run (so out of breath maa). I guess I could say, my only worry is that I won’t find another shoe as perfect for me as this pair.

Thank you Brooks Malaysia for helping me find the perfect shoe for me. I have been running more regularly nowadays (after the Chicken Run), although I am not very good at it, but my shoe helps me do better. When I am on my run and feel that I cannot go on, I remember your story about running 1 min on your first run and doing 2 minutes the next day, which means a 100% improvement, I laugh to myself and say, I am doing the same too, cos every run seems to be easier than the prev one.

My next run is a 5K next month at the BSN Putrajaya Night Run and the one which is scaring the hell out of me is the 10K Penang Bridge. I dunno what I was thinking when I signed up, must be feeling gung-ho after the Chicken Run.. lol..

So, thank you again Brooks Malaysia!

Top notch customer service.. suitable for a top notch brand like Brooks!

Much appreciated..

* * * * * * * * * *

Brooks Malaysia is always thrilled when someone runs happy. We wish Melissa many happy miles ahead!

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