How to decide between Brooks core shoes and Brooks Pure Project?

Here’s an answer, or non answer… it depends!

It’s like you wake up one morning, and you decide, “Western breakfast today, or chinese noodles?” Your choice of breakfast depends on what you’d like to experience that morning – western or eastern.

Running presents a variety of experiences. You can choose to run hard, or take it easy. You can run long, or you can do just do one lap around the park. You can choose to run on the road, or take on the trails. It depends on what experience you’d like for your run.

Brooks is extending your range of running experiences, by bringing on the Pure Project series. Besides choosing your intensity, mileage or terrain, we are opening a fourth dimension for you.

What do you feel like today – float or feel?

Basically, core shoes give you a “float” feeling. Its cushioning helps you “glide” along every foot strike. Do you want to feel protected, soft, and easy? Put on your core shoes today.

On the other hand, Pure Project shoes give you a “feel” experience. Built as a minimalist shoe, you’ll get to feel the ground more with every foot strike. It works well for those who like to experience barefoot running, without going completely foot-naked. Want to bring out the caveman in you? Go pure. Try Pure Project.

Here is a video that explain it very well.

So the next time you are deciding between Brooks core shoes or Brooks Pure Project shoes, just remember… It’s like  breakfast.

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