Brooks Pure Cadence

Here are 5 reasons why you should get your hands (or rather, your feet) on a pair of Pure Cadence!

1.  BioMogo DNA midsole.

Remember the DNA, gel-like substance that incorporates non-newtonian fluid principles, that absorbs impact like a sponge? In the Pure Cadence, DNA technology is fused together into the BioMogo midsole. Therefore, it reduces the weight that comes with the DNA gel, while strengthening the BioMogo, environment-friendly midsole. Best of both worlds!

2.  IDEAL Heel.

Some shoes come with a heel area that is overcompensated. But with IDEAL Heel technology, it aligns your foot strike by removing material that “gets in the way”, and allows a smoother landing.

3.  Toe Flex

There is a special slit between the first toe and the rest of the toes, to allow your foot to flex well. It activates the first toe, and aligns the foot at toe off. This unique feature lets you “feel more with less”.

4.  Nav Band

Remember the DRB rollbar – the stiffer material that helps compensate for the overpronating foot? We have taken that away, and replaced it with a Nav Band. It is a dynamic stretch material that wraps the  foot. The Pure Cadence has the widest Nav Band of all Pure Project shoes. It extends around the entire shoe to reduce overpronation.

5.  Anatomical Last

The Anatomical Last gives a glove-like fit, to make the shoe work more naturally with the rest of the foot. Its lightweight, plush material that gives a soft feel, combined with air mesh for optimal breathability, gives the comfort factor a thumbs up!

Watch this video to learn more about it:

The Pure Cadence is now available in this new colour:

Ask for a special online discount today.

Run happy!

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