Brooks Half Marathon 2012 – vests and e-certs

We have been receiving two top FAQs lately.

The first one sounds something like, “Hey!! Where is my Brooks vest?!”

The first FAQ comes in many other variants šŸ˜‰

We would like to apologize for our shortcomings, in not providing the replacement vests in a quicker time. The replacement vests are being printed in the right sizes and amounts. We want to make sure that we do it right.

Do rest assured that we have a record of all participants who need the replacement vest. The replacement vests will reach your doorstep, before April ends.

The other FAQ goes along the lines of, “Eh? How come until now, cannot get e-cert?”

The blank e-certs are ready for distribution. However, we want to go beyond giving out blank e-certs, with merely your name and finishing time printed on it. We are taking extra effort to include your finishing picture, together with your e-certs. That is why we need to hold them back a little longer. The compiling Ā process takes time.

Before April ends, you will get to see all your fancy finishing poses! The e-certs will be easily accessible by all when they are ready. We hope this will add a nice touch, to give you a nicer memory of the inaugural Brooks Half Marathon in Malaysia.

Thank you once again, for your support of the Brooks Half Marathon. Together, let’s run happy!

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