Cascadia review

Read on to hear Anthony Goh’s review on Brooks’ trail shoe – the Cascadia!

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I was having a look at the Cascadia 6 at my local Brooks dealer, when the owner recommended the Cascadia 5, which is on offer @RM100 cheaper; he was wearing a new pair himself. There were 2 colors available, grey and green, both beautiful. The shoe uppers are more low-key compared to the Cascadia 6 with the funky red or green uppers. The outsole is the other way round; Cascadia 6 has a black outsole. I got the grey ones.

I’ve worn mine for a few days around the house, in town and on walks in the park to get a feel of the shoes. Here is the preview below.

The shoes came in a nice box made of recycled paper. The general construction of the shoes is very good. Lots of nice details can be seen on the shoes, like the yellow stitching, logos, embossed and subtle printed designs on the synthetic leather parts.

Shown above is the outer part of the shoe. The shoe upper is made of mesh and synthetic leather, fairly lightweight for a pair of trail shoes. Although the width is stated as D (normal), these shoes are wider than my Adidas and Nikes, which tend to run a little narrow; comfortable for my wide forefoot.

The midsole is made of BioMoGo and has Hydroflow, which is very comfy and provides good cushioning, even for heavy runners. It has inserts called Pivot posts, which claims to improve stability; though I can’t verify this at the moment.

Here we can also see the lugs in the outsole, very aggressive looking. The colors are really striking too, in contrast to the upper. They provide good grip on “almost” all kind of surfaces; uneven tracks, soil, grass, road surface, sidewalk and even carpet. Only problem with grip is on smooth wet tiles, so do be careful if you wear them out during wet weather.

The lacing system is fairly conventional. There is an extra tab on the tongue, which helps hold the tongue in place. The laces are textured and do not loosen easily when tied. Here you can see more clearly the details that Brooks put into the shoes.

The insole looks nice too with a contour map design printed on it.

So far, I have been very happy with the Cascadia 5, looking forward to test them in their proper environment, the trails.

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Brooks Malaysia thanks Anthony Goh for his detailed review on the Cascadia. We wish him many happy miles ahead, as he wears it everywhere he goes!

You can get a special discount too when you purchase directly from Brooks Malaysia. Delivery is free.

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