What people are saying about Pure Project

Check out what’s the word out there about Pure Project!


“In 100 years, when anthropologists look back on the great running shoe revolution of 2010 – 2011, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Brooks Pure Connect is looked at as the poster child of the new era.” – Brian Metzler, Running Times.


“My initial reaction after trying on the Pure Grit was how well cushioned it is while still maintaining a low profile and very agile feel.” – Tom Caughlan, I Run Far.


“During 20-plus miles on trails and asphalt around Prospect Park in Brooklyn, I found they provided a good mix of barefoot qualities – promoting forefoot strikes with added ground feel, along with enough support and comfort for imperfect striders.” – Tyghe Trimble, Men’s Journal.


“I tossed on my new Brooks this morning, went out and jogged my standard five miles and I felt fantastic. Different – but great. I was sore in new places (like a part of my calf muscle I didn’t know existed) and I loved the nothing-on-my-feet feeling (these things weigh less than a hairbrush).” –Dawn Davis talking about her Pure Connects, Cosmopolitan.

“The upper of the Brooks Pure Connect is one of the more comfortable and secure upper’s of the minimalist shoes on the market.” – Kevin Fonger, activegearreview.com

“But the thing we love about the Pure Connect shoes, though, is that they have a ton of sneaky features built-in to keep you safe, and correct your gait (they won’t let you over stride, they hold your foot in place with a stretchy band over the tongue, and they’re literally shaped like a foot-glove, to fit you snugly).” – Neha Gandhi, seventeen.com

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