Brooks consultancy service at your doorstep

Your friendly neighbourhood consultant paid someone a visit over the  weekend. Read on to hear Asmawi’s story.

* * * * * * * * * *

Early this year I decide to start running after a few time invited by my neighbor….. Azhar & he’s a marathon runner, so I decide to buy a running shoe….. “adidas” after seeing my neighbor wearing it….I just go to a shop & looking for a shoes that have price less than RM200 & nice design.

The first event that I join is the “The shape – Putrajaya Night Run”….but for 5km only la…& the next event is 6km at Klang for the “5A charity run”…actually the event is back to back….but ok la not so tired. The next event is the “BSN-Putrajaya Night Run” on 15-Oct-2011 and I sign for 10km event….upgrade a bit after the 5 & 6km run….after complete this run, I can feel that my current shoes is not so suitable as I feel pain on my toes, especially the small toes.

I decided to search on-line for a new shoes…..especially Brooks because they are one of the sponsor in the “BSN-Putrajaya Night Run”….from Brooks Malaysia website I found that they not just selling shoe but the correct one for you based on your foot….eemmm…I was thinking….sure ka, they have the knowledge.

I contact Brooks Malaysia through e-mail for an appointment on 24-Oct-2011 [Monday ] and after a few minute I get a reply, we decided to meet at my house on 29-Oct-2011 as my neighbor also interested to buy a new shoe…& also to get his foot look at… 🙂

Yesterday [ 29-Oct-2011 ] at about 9.45am, my neighbor & I.. met the consultant from Brooks Malaysia…very nice & friendly person….. ”maybe he just want to sell his shoes only”…I was pondering in my mind….we start with a small chat and later the Brooks Consultant make us do a cat-walk to examine our foot….like that ka…oh ok…then he explain about our foot and based on my observation all is correct….every single word….not just “cakap kosong”….hahahaha…..he really know what he’s talking about….I have a neutral foot & my neighbor have a bit of pronations….

Finally he proposed the model that suit both of us…Glycerin 9 or Ghost 4 for me….Launch for my neighbor as he do not really need many support & need a competition shoe to run full marathon compare to me a newbie runner… I decided to take Ghost 4 with size 9 but sadly for my neighbor because the Launch don’t have his size…  😦

My Ghost 4... I get special discount from retail price 🙂

Yes…really the Brooks consultant is a nice & friendly person….thanks bro for the shoe…I will use it for next coming event…IOI run and also MALAKOFF run…and thanks again for all the information related to shoe….my 3rd shoe will be Brooks competition shoe maybe Pure Project.….next target half marathon!!!!! ……Run Happy…..

* * * * * * * * * *

Brooks Malaysia delights in helping new runners to run happy. Stock is getting slim towards the end of the year. However, as far as it is  possible, we will try our best to serve your needs.

We wish Asmawi many happy miles ahead with his new Ghost 4!

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