Running happy with Ghost 4

Brooks is transforming the running experience of many people. Read on to hear Firdaus’ story.

* * * * * * * * * *

I recently bought Ghost 4 online from Brooks Malaysia. At first, I am interested with Brooks product since I being introduced to running sport and also inspired by Rozmi Yunus who was Brooks athlete, but still cannot decide whether to buy this shoes or Nike Free Run 2+, at the end, I end up getting the Nike Free Run 2+. However, the cushion on the Ghost 4 really helps me run better as I reduce the tension/pressure on my feet. I am a midfoot runner so mostly I landing on mid of my foot and Ghost 4 really suit my need as it have stable design and I neutrally land my mid foot on the ground. I recommend this shoe to all neutral runner.

Brooks Malaysia helped me get through several processes. Advice, size, pronation, discount and always respond to my message or call. So the buying experience was quite good for the first time online customer buying Brooks product from Brooks Malaysia. The service is good and make me happy and I can Run Happy with my Ghost 4.

My Ghost 4 shoes after I ran 12+km, I really happy run with it and it like a Magic Shoes….

* * * * * * * * * *

Brooks Malaysia is glad that Firdaus now enjoys a better running experience. We wish him well, as he joins the Brooks community in running happy!

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