Advantages of trail shoes

What is the difference between Brooks trail shoes and road shoes?

Brooks trail shoes are made to endure harsher conditions when you run in trail environments. As trail running presents a different experience than road running, the shoes are made differently as well.

Trail running will require you to maneuver through vegetation, stumble over pebbles, step on sand, skid on gravel, run through streams and trip over tree roots. You may not do all the actions above in most situations. But generally, you’ll encounter a different environment than running along a straight tar road.

Since the running experience is different, trail shoes are also made differently.

Tech Talk 1: Traction. Trail shoes are made with better traction than road shoes. You don’t want to slip and fall while going through tricky terrain. Good traction will give you better control and confidence while running trails.

The rugged sole is made for traction

Tech Talk 2: Hardiness. The priority for trail shoes is to endure harsher conditions. Therefore, they are made to be hardier. They may feel slightly stiffer, and not as soft and pillowy as road shoes. But trail shoes are made this way because trail running requires a different set of priorities.

A hardy sole is good for tough terrain

Trail shoes come with certain advantages as well.

Plus Point 1: Durability. Trail shoes will last longer than road shoes, if you do mostly trail running. Yes, you may use road shoes to run trails. But road shoes will wear off faster under trail conditions. Trail shoes will last longer, as it is made for traction and hardiness.

Plus Point 2: It looks good! The design for Brooks trail shoes somehow looks better. It still looks good if you wear them with jeans, or for other casual occasions. Even if you are not a trail runner, you may consider getting one for everyday use. Its traction and durability will work well for you anyway.

Trendy and functional!

Run happy!

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