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Brooks Malaysia goes great lengths to bring needs-based service to our customers. Read on to hear from a satisfied customer!

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I wanted to buy a new running shoes to replace my current Adidas shoes. I had been procrastinating in buying one because of the hassle of going in search for the shoes and of course, I do need consultation before I buy one. Knowledgeable consultants for shoes are sure hard to be found though!

I finally met up the consultant from Brooks Malaysia on Saturday morning after sending Raimie to school for his  “kem Solat”/ prayer camp(?) last week.

I told the consultant earlier that I would be at Lake Gardens on Saturday and he was OK meeting me there so we arranged a rendezvous at the Bukit Aman car park before my run that morning.

He brought along a car boot full of shoes but before trying any on, he proceeded to check my foot type first. Then, he proceeded to explain at length on the types of shoes and the support each shoes give for each foot type. I learnt a lot about shoes, right there at the car park.

The Brooks consultant, explaining Zaini’s foot type and pronation after watching him walk back and forth and his standing posture.

And here’s the consultant explaining the range of shoes available by Brooks while I was happily testing a few shoes by walking and jogging around the car park area. Even with the wet condition, he let me run around the car park with those new shoes and “soil” the shoes a bit.

I even got to try out the Green Silence shoes because I was curious about it.

It was either Ghost 4 or Glycerin 9 for me. Ghost 4 was nice but somehow Glycerin 9 won me over.

I didn’t use it for my run that Saturday morning because it was drizzling with intermittent spell of heavier drops and I didn’t want to make my “maiden” run in my new shoes in that  et condition just yet! I’ll know whether I’m loving this shoes after a few runs.

Anyhoo, for those wanting a personalised service and you are somewhere in Klang Valley; I think the Brooks consultant would be more than happy to meet up and bring over some shoes for you to choose.

Or you can order it online too and avoid all the hassle of going to a physical shop. Check this link for more information.

Maybe next time, I’ll buy a pair of shoes for Zaini and Raimie from Brooks Malaysia.

* * * * * * * * * *

Brooks Malaysia thanks Lina for her feedback. We wish her many happy miles with her new Glycerin 9!

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