Shoe weight and its ranking

A lot of shoes out there have been trying to “outweigh” each other. The competition seems to be about getting progressively lighter. Whoever sheds the most weight, wins! Sounds like a slimming program?

Different shoes, different weight

There is a need to educate ourselves about shoe weight, and what it means to the runner. We’ll limit our discussion only to premium running shoes. Just so we won’t confuse ourselves by comparing yellow rubber boots to racer shoes 🙂

Shoes that are on the “heavier” side may put a few more grams on our feet. But the weight is accounted for, because more cushioning and support is built into it. Therefore, “heavier” shoes may actually feel more comfortable. Especially if you’re thinking about the long run.

Shoes that are on the “light” side will definitely make us feel like flying off the ground! But bear in mind that cutting out the weight also means scrimping on the cushioning and support material that makes the shoe. You may have to sacrifice a certain degree of comfort and injury protection, as a trade-off for speed.

As for the durability factor, “heavier” shoes tend to last longer and give you more mileage. More material is invested into the  shoes, hence it logically adds to its lifespan. “Lighter” shoes have less material built into it. Therefore, it can last for a shorter period of time before it wears out. Imagine driving a car with thick tyres (heavy) versus thin tyres (light). That will give you a better picture.

Cost-wise, “heavier” shoes generally cost more, due to material costs. “Lighter” shoes tend to be cheaper.

In the end of the day, shoe weight is only one of the factors to consider when you are shopping for running shoes. If you are looking for training shoes, the “heavier” type will be a better choice. It will give you much more comfort and injury protection as you pile up your mileage, which is ultimately want you really want and need. Those kind of  shoes are commonly called trainers.

At other occasions, when you have the urge to clock a personal best, then you should put on your “lighter” shoes. It is a special shoe for your special race, to give you that special advantage. Those kind of shoes are commonly called racers.

Here is a list of Brooks shoes, ranked according to its weight. Those in red are racers, the blue ones  are trainers, green ones are trail shoes, and brown ones are walking shoes.

  1. T7 Racer – 181 grams
  2. Green Silence – 196 grams
  3. Racer ST5 – 244 grams
  4. Launch – 264 grams
  5. Ravenna – 306 grams
  6. Ghost – 320 grams
  7. Adrenline GTS – 320 grams
  8. Trance – 337 grams
  9. Adrenaline ASR – 337 grams
  10. Glycerin – 343 grams
  11. Cascadia – 352 grams
  12. Beast – 397 grams
  13. Addiction Walker – 397 grams
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