Walking shoes

What’s so special about the Addiction Walker?

The Addiction Walker is a walking shoe. But that is not the real question. The question on everyone’s  mind is, “What is the difference between a running shoe and a walking shoe?”

Brooks specializes in premium running shoes. We also have other product expansions, such as trail shoes and walking shoes, that further establishes us as a renown footwear brand.

We can give you 5 reasons why the Addiction Walker is a value-added product.

1.  It is recommended by foot doctors. The Addiction Walker comes with extra-superior cushioning, that cannot be commonly found in any other type of shoe. Generally, regular shoes are usually made to be light. However, if you have foot, ankle and joint problems and you are not the “running type”, you may not find light shoes attractive. Light shoes do not solve your problem. What you need is really, really good cushioning to get you walking from point A to point B.

Check out the extent of the built-in cushioning:

The thick midsole gives very good cushioning (see the black area)

2.  Its colour easy to match. If you are looking for a comfortable walking shoe that you can wear to work (or anywhere else), then the Addiction Walker comes in an easy-to-match colour. It won’t raise eyebrows, because it does not come in flashy colours like most speedy running  shoes. It can easily pass off as your regular “office shoes” or “casual shoes”. You can wear it to work, wear it to the market, wear it to the cinema, etc.

3.  It comes in a  few colour options. If you don’t like brown, then you may like this one:

It comes in black colour too!

4.  Its price is very  reasonable. You don’t have to worry about forking out 4-figure numbers to get a podiatrist-recommended shoe. It is priced lower than your premium running shoe.

5.  Women can enjoy this shoe too! For women’s models, it comes in white:

White for women

If you really have a thing for white shoes, or you absolutely need to wear white (e.g. going to school), then you have found the solution to your problem.

The Addiction Walker is a unique product by Brooks, that has answered the needs of elderly people for good walking shoes. It is yet another initiative to be sensitive to all layers of society, besides keeping our planet green.

Run happy!

Now, you may walk too 🙂

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