New shoes, new colours!

The much awaited Ghost 4 has arrived!

Besides the Ghost 4, the new shipment brings other new shoes as well, such as Glycerin 9, and Summon 3. The new Launch is out with a flashier design. For trail fans, you may want try the new Adrenaline ASR 8.

Kids won’t be left out of the excitement too! We are bringing in kids shoes this time around, to encourage running among the younger age group. They can now enjoy the same kind of kicks as adults, with the Adrenaline GTS and Ghost! Kids nowadays…

We have received many requests for Addiction Walkers. So, for those who have been searching high and low for Addiction Walkers, they are available again! Finally. This time, it’s for real.

Fans of our other models have something to look forward to as well. We have colour updates for the Dyad 6, Ravenna 2, Trance 10, Adrenaline GTS 11,  Beast, Cascadia 6, Trailblade,  and Vapor 9.

Oh, you may want to check out the new colour updates for Green Silence. The coolest ever!

To see all our new shoes and colour updates, just click on the list of shoes at the right hand menu.

There’s something new for everyone. Hurry to your nearest Brooks outlet today. Feel free to make an advanced booking, or purchase online.

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