Float vs feel

To understand “float” vs “feel”, it can be seen best in this graph…

The x-axis is the neutral-control axis. The further to the left, the more you are “Neutral shoes” type, e.g. Glycerin and Ghost. The further to the right, the more you are the “Control shoes” type, e.g. Beast.

The y-axis is the float-feel axis. The higher you go, the more you are the “float” type, i.e. your shoes have lots of cushioning. The lower down you go, the more you are the “feel” type, i.e. minimalist running shoes with little or no cushioning.

In the “float” region, you can see that the Neutral shoes such as the Glycerin (Gly) and Ghost (Gho) are at the far left. The Glycerin has superior cushioning, that is why it is placed higher than Ghost along the y-axis.

Guidance shoes such as Ravenna (Rav) is slightly to the left from the y-axis.

Support shoes such as the Adrenaline GTS and Trance is slightly to the right from the y-axis. The Trance has a more pillowy feel, therefore it is placed higher than Adrenaline GTS.

Control shoes, such as Beast, is at the far right.

As for the “feel” region, P1 to P4 corresponds to the four shoes in PureProject. As you can see, PureProject shoes lie within the Neutral-to-Guidance category, with P4 falling just slightly after the y-axis into the Support category.

Reason is, PureProject shoes are minimalist shoes. Minimalist shoes have certain limitations. While Brooks’ core shoes in the “float” region can effectively cater to the needs of the whole spectrum, minimalist shoes in the “feel” region should be able to work well with runners with little or no pronation problems.

Stay tuned to see the revelation of P1 to P4 in PureProject!

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