Brooks PureProject

Are you a runner who is always conscious about the weight of your shoes? Have you been looking for the perfect minimalist running shoe?

Brooks has been hearing your thoughts. Introducing…

“If you want to live your life with a ‘less is more’ philosophy, I can understand that,” says Brooks President and CEO, Jim Weber. “But when it comes to performance product the idea that ‘less is more’ is absolute crap.”

Conventional minimalist shoes grow out of the idea that if you take away what is not needed in a shoe, then it becomes “less”. However, that kind  of “less-ness” comes at a price. You actually take away the good things in a shoe, along with the bad.

Brooks, however, has an innovative idea that takes the best of both worlds. We have figured out how to make a shoe “less”, without compromising on the good stuff. With that, we can have minimalist running, at its best!

The shoes will weigh in at 10 oz each. PureProject came out from testing and development in the Brooks lab for the past 4 years. It is a brainchild from a consumer research project done with IDEO, a research a design firm. The research involved interviewing and spending time with thousands of runners between the ages of 25 and 35.

The research revealed that sometimes, runners want to “float” along the road with a well-cushioned shoe. At other times, runners want to “feel” the road when they run with minimalist shoes.

Brooks’ core shoes fulfills the needs of runners who like to “float”. The Glycerin, Ghost, Adrenaline GTS and Trance does that very well.

With PureProject, Brooks seeks to answer the need for runners who like to “feel” the road.

Stay tuned to learn more about “float” vs “feel”.

Run happy, and “feel” happy!

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