Shoe weight and its purpose

So just how heavy are “heavy” shoes?

Let’s put it in context here.

The lightest shoe is the T7 Racer.

T7 Racer

It is a competition shoe, and it weighs only 6.4 oz @ 181.4 grams. You will feel as though you are running with no shoes on. It is really light! People wear this for race day. Well, it may hurt a little because it lacks an overly impressive layer of protective cushioning. But when you want to fly, you got to fly. It is about using the correct tool for the correct purpose.

Next up are the training shoes.

Ghost 3

Training shoes (also called trainers), come with good cushioning. Therefore, it is a little heavier. The Ghost 3 weighs 11.1 oz @ 314.7 grams. When you are training, you want to do good mileage, minus the injuries. That is why trainers are good  for that purpose. It will be heavier than competition shoes, yes. But you are not aiming to break Personal Bests during training, right? What you want is to train well. So you train with your trainers.

If you prefer to have ultra-good cushioning for ultra-nice comfort, then you go for the ultimate trainer:

Glycerin 8

Of course, with better cushioning, the weight increases. The Glycerin 8 weighs 12.1 oz @ 343.0 grams. The Glycerin is popularly known as the top-of-the-line trainers, because it comes with full-length DNA technology. It incorporates non-newtonian fluid into its technology, which will increase the comfort factor by a few levels. Yes, it is a little bit heavier (just 1 oz heavier than the Ghost). But like I said, it’s about using the correct tool for the correct purpose.

Last of all, which one is the heaviest shoe?


Like the name suggests, the Beast is the heaviest shoe in Brooks. It weighs 14.0 oz @ 396.9 grams. It has the thickest cushioning and biggest DRB (that gray element that rectifies severe overpronation). Nobody in their right mind will choose to wear heavy shoes. But the Beast is a unique shoe, that caters to the need of a small group of runners. If you are totally flat-footed, and you have severe overpronation, then the Beast is the only shoe that can help alleviate your problems.

So is 14 oz heavy? Let’s put it this way. 14 oz @ 396.9 grams is like a packet of nasi lemak. You either put it into your stomach, or you lace it on your feet. It comes back to the same 🙂

With Brooks Malaysia, we ensure that there is a correct shoe for every purpose, for every type of runner. Do feel free to drop by at any Brooks outlet to ask for a consult. We are always happy to help you find the  perfect ride for your stride.

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