Are heavy shoes bad?

The lighter my shoe, the more likely I can fly! Agree?

Well, yes and no. While it is plainly logical that carrying less weight means you can move faster, there are other factors that we need to consider.

Generally, if your body mass is on the light side (say, 50 kg or less), then light shoes will work well for you. However, if you are on the heavy side (say, 70kg or above), then light shoes may not work for you.

The group of people who are made  with very little body mass are a very fortunate group. They need minimal shoe technology to keep them performing at their maximum potential. Just give them a simple pair of shoes, and they can out-kick any average Joe. Great shoes will be an added bonus.

However, if you are made  with more bulk than Skinny Billy, then you will need more cushioning in your shoes. Heavy people are more likely to develop knee and ankle injuries. Imagine a sledgehammer hitting the floor at every foot strike. All that pounding is going to make something give way, sooner or later.

That is  why we need to talk a bit more  about shoe technology here. Your shoes need to take some of that shock away from you. Like all good things, there is always a trade-off. Shoes that are  built with good cushioning will naturally be heavier. The shock-absorbing midsoles are going to weigh more than the light-as-a-feather types.

So, the question is not so much whether heavy shoes  are bad or good. The question is more like, which shoe will work for you.

If you are a minute-sized midget, then stay away from the heavy shoes. You don’t need extra cushioning. You don’t need anything to weigh you down as you hop, skip an jump your way like a fleet-footed gazelle.

If you feel like a giant ogre, then you may need heavier shoes. Well, it may weigh you down a bit and  slow you down a little. But think of it this way:

If you wear feather light shoes, you will be able to run very fast for 5km. Then your ankles and knees will hurt. You pull over the side of the road. It’s  game over for you.

If you wear shoes with super-XL-extra-strong cushioning, you will run a little slower. But you can still finish 21km or 42 km with an impressive time, injury-free!

Generally, you don’t have to wear heavier shoes if you don’t need to. This guy below obviously is trying to do something extraordinary.

"Check out my stride!"

Kids, don’t try this at home. The shoes weigh 146.5kg. He walked 10 metres in it and broke the Guiness World Record.

Anyway, as long as you are not up to any stunts of that sort…

No matter how much you weigh, with Brooks Malaysia, you can find the perfect ride for every stride.

Run happy!

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