To shoe or not to shoe

When it comes to running with shoes, look no further. With Brooks, you can expect to find the perfect ride for every stride.

When it comes to running without shoes, well…

Running is, and has always been, an interesting sport. Not only because its shoe technology changes with the times. Running philosophies evolve through the ages as well! That sort of keeps the sport of running alive and dynamic.

Many centuries ago, before the wheel was invented and man hunted for food, Brooks shoes were not around yet. Therefore, people ran around for miles, barefooted.

As people got more civilized, people developed tools, gadgets and all kinds of other inventions to make living easier. Some sort of footwear came into existence, to aid with hunting and other logistical purposes. They were probably made of skin and looked like really thick socks.

People went everywhere on foot. Footwear played a very minimalistic function. No attention was given to make it look fashionable.

Fast forward to many, many centuries later…

People started to lose the need to hunt when Tesco hypermarts started mushrooming everywhere. Who goes to the jungle nowadays to hunt? By the way, who even goes to the market? People just buy food off the shelves in huge, air-conditioned malls.

Hence, the need to run slowly faded away. People no longer ran to survive. People run for sport! And hence, running shoes were invented. Fully functional and highly fashionable running shoes entered the commercial market.

Of course, Brooks brought a lot of joy to the running community, worldwide. People ran with less injury, and much more comfortably. People ran with style. People ran happy!

Fast forward to many decades later…

The world continued to evolve. And one day, mankind thought, “Hey! Our ancestors have been running without shoes all these while. And they never got injuries like we did. Let’s try running barefoot all over again.”

So humans got the bright idea to take off their shoes, and started to run barefoot.

Some homo sapiens enjoyed positive results when they kicked off their shoes! Therefore, a trend started to develop towards minimalistic running.

I know. Humans are weird. One day, we want one thing. Another day, we want something else. When we were in school, we deliberately had long hair. When we stopped schooling, suddenly we thought shaving bald was in style.

Anyway… back to running…

As the running world evolved, Brooks has been watching and listening. We have been paying attention. Brooks has an answer.

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