Brooks consultancy service

Imagine walking into a shop, with nobody in it. “Cool!” You may think. “Let’s just grab and go.”

Now, that’s not nice…

Imagine walking into a shop, and there is only one person manning it. You are completely ignored.

That’s not good either.

Picture yourself walking into a shop, and there is an over-enthusiastic salesman, tailing you closer than a golden retriever, and keeps on talking like a non-stop running commentary on every product you touch.

Now, that’s pesky.

Now, imagine yourself walking into a shop, with a consultant waiting near by. At your prompting, he helps to analyze your foot with great care. Then, he gives you sound advice on which shoe best suits your needs and your budget.

Now, that’s what we call customer service.

At Brooks Malaysia, we take pride in excellent customer service. It means a lot to us that anyone who walks through our door is happy, and will happily come running back!

One of our shoe consultants in action

Here’s how you can test whether you are talking to a real consultant, or a “fake” consultant. Just ask two simple questions. 1 – Can you tell me what is my foot type? 2 – Can you check my pronation?

If they can give you a good answer on both questions, you’ll know that you’re in good hands. If they point you to the discount bin and ask you, “What is your favourite colour?” Run out the door, as fast as you can!

Do feel free to drop us a line if you are coming by. We can help you ensure that a shoe consultant will be awaiting your arrival.

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