When you run happy, Brooks is happy

A Brooks customer walked into an outlet in Sunway Pyramid recently. He was met by the friendly staff there. He proceeded to buy a Glycerin 8 and a Ghost 2. He has this glowing remark to say of his experience with Brooks Malaysia:

“I am a fan of a GOOD company with good moral and ethics, and know what their customer wants, and it shows in their finished products.  That’s why I’m not surprised that they are number 1 at the moment. Because they care!”

He has this to say about the staff who served him:

“She’s great, she knows her stuff!”

He has subscribed to the Brooks Malaysia blog, and has become a fan of our Facebook Page. We, at Brooks Malaysia, take pleasure in serving our customers well. Their satisfaction is our priority.

Our happy customer lends us a few suggestions:

“I’ve been living in the UK practically all my life. Over there good proper running shops have a treadmill in the shops, so that people can try the difference in the technology and shoe types. I think if Brooks Malaysia goes down this road it will be a good move.”


“I noticed here in Malaysia, accessories for running is hard to come by – like hydration belts, proper running water bottle, little pouches, liquid gel for fast nutrition backups & reflectors with lights for night running. You know, there isn’t a proper running specialist store.”

We hear you loud and clear. Thank you for your suggestions.

Brooks Malaysia thanks Zainol Zin for his feedback. We wish him all the best in his running endeavours!

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