Brooks helps you to run hot

Brooks has a good piece of innovation, that helps you run in the sun.

No, we have not figured out how to attach air conditioners to running apparel yet. But we have done something to the shoes that can help you cool off.

If you wear normal sports shoes to run, do you sometimes feel like your feet are burning up? That is because “normal” shoes do not put enough thought into heat management.

Distance runners stay on their feet for hours. Take the surface area of your shoe, multiply that with the number of times you hit the ground, and multiply that by the amount of friction generated by your weight. You will get hot legs!


Hot feet, I mean. Hot feet! đŸ™‚

What does Brooks do to help alleviate that problem?

Brooks shoes come with a mesh upper. See that net-like thingy that spreads all over the top and sides of the shoe? That part of the shoe is called the upper. The net-like thing is called mesh.

A mesh upper gives your feet very good ventilation when you run. In fact, if you’re running against the wind, you can actually feel the air blowing through your feet! Especially if you’re wearing thin socks.

This is a very important factor for running shoes. It is bad enough if your legs are tired and your feet are starting hurt. You won’t want to add a hot, burning sensation to that.

When you run with Brooks, you can be sure this won’t happen.

Run cool. Run happy!

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