Trance vs Adrenaline GTS, round one

The Trance 10 and Adrenaline GTS 11 are both Support shoes. They are meant for runners with mildly flat feet with overpronation problems.

First test – the crash test!

Let’s start with the Trance 10.

Notice the "caterpillar" crash pads are very pronounced.

The caterpillar-like thingies are called “caterpillar” crash pads for a reason. Firstly, it looks like a caterpillar. And secondly, it helps to absorb impact each time your foot “crashes” on the ground. Every individual segment of the “caterpillar” distributes force upon impact each time your foot strikes the ground. Therefore, the more “caterpillar” segments, the better it serves this purpose.

Now let’s look at the Adenaline GTS 11.

The "caterpillar" crash pads are less developed.

The “caterpillars” are not as pronounced as the Trance 10. Therefore, you can guess which one works better for shock absorption.

Ding ding! Trance 10 wins, 1-0!

The Trance 10 gives you a very pillowy ride. It feels very soft and comfy when you run in it. In fact, being the numero uno model of Brooks shoes, it is the most comfortable and softest shoe to run in. That is one thing for sure.

However, the Adrenaline GTS 11 has its fair share of fans. Although it is not as soft and pillowy as the Trance 10, the Adrenaline GTS gives you a better feel of the road. Some people may not like their shoes to feel too soft. They like to feel the road a bit more as they hit the ground running. Adrenaline GTS’s fans believe that too much soft cushioning makes their running feel “unreal”. They prefer the Adrenaline GTS experience, at every foot strike.

In short, the shoe for the foot-pampering idealist is the Trance 10. The conventional realist goes for the Adrenaline GTS 11.

To be fair, just purely on shoe structure alone, the win for this round should go to the Trance 10.

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